This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 Sheamus' Family

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PostSubject: Sheamus' Family   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:51 am

Sheamus: My immediate family will only be on here. The rest are mostly dead anyway...

My father, Mark Farrelly. Unfortunately deceased thanks ter Wade's father. Used ter run our Family's business.

My poor mother Eilena, she's been pretty much mute since my father was murdered.

My older brother Keiran Farrelly. He'd left home before our Father was mudered. Haven't heard much from him since, he may or may not still be alive...
He was an angry, bitter drunk before hand, so if he's alive, I'd hate ter see him now...

And then there's me. Yeh all know who I am, so I'm not putting a picture of me.
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Sheamus' Family
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