This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 KimYoung Miller

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Your Character's Name: KimYoung Miller

KimYoung Miller Will_demps

As Played By: Alexis

Pairings I Like: I'll try anything with KimYoung but he is a bottom
Topics I Like: I'll try them all
Smut?: Of Course
Male-Pregnancy?: Sure, but not immediately

Biography: KimYoung was born in Daegu , South Korea to an African American father and a Korean mother. From the time that he could remember, he had been bullied. If he wasn't bullied about his race, he was bullied about his sexuality. At 16, his patience ran out and he killed his most hated bully. After the police failed to arrest him, KimYoung realized he was good at killing. He then started his assassin career. Now, at the age of 21, he works as an assassin for any and all types of people. He holds no allegiance to any one person. His allegiance is only to the money.
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KimYoung Miller
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