This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj
(As played by Neffie)

Pairings I Like: Nicki is the boss so I'm unsure. Right now she tells me she'll let you know if she's interested or not.

Topics I Like:[/] crime, robbery, sex, drug rings--the whole nine yards minus crazy angst

I'm sure some will occur at some point

Nicki grew up in a crime family and despite her father trying to keep it from her, she found a way to learn the tricks of the trade anyway. By age 17 she was having her father killed by an underground group in Trinidad who harbored ill will towards her father for underpaying them. She has been voted the boss every year unanimously and elections are held every year. Safe to say everyone respects her leadership. Trinidad is completely under her law and with ambitions to get in good with American rings, she ventured to the states with a few trusted men setting up interest points, a la spies.

Her spies are usually planted in bars or on the streets. Some of her favorite spies are also willing to the job if necessary like Shawn, one of her favorite Barbz. Nicki has very few enemies but won't hesitate to make them to get what she wants.

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Nicki Minaj
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