This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

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Matthew Moore Hardy
As Played By: Ezzy

Pairings I Like: Matt/Jeff, Matt/Taker, Matt/Jericho, open to anything really
Topics I Like: Anything but tragedy
Smut?: YES
Male-Pregnancy?: So long as Matt isn't the pregnant one
As a kid, Matt always outshines his brother. They fought a lot and Matt was always the favored one. Matt was even more favored when their mother died. He would bully Jeff until he runway. Matt never went looking for him, though he missed him and went on with his life.

In the mafia universe, Matt is a pimp. He worked his way to the top and runs a pretty successful prostitution ring as well as owning quite a few hit men. He treats his moneymakers with the best and makes sure they are happy and healthy. He can have a temper though and is rough when he needs to be.

Putside the mafia universe, Matt is a NFL football player, on the Patriots tea,. He makes millions a year, and everyone knows his face. He can be a bit cocky but can be humble when he wants to be. He does care for his brother and will do anything for his loved ones.
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Matt Hardy
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