This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 Darkest Nights

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Mark Calaway


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PostSubject: Re: Darkest Nights   Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:47 am

Mark arched an eyebrow at the woman on stage before standing and making his way towards her. Of course her bodyguards kept him from getting to close and he smiled as he called up to her, his eyes traveling appreciatively over her form.

"My apologies for the inconvenience, but my brother is going to come with me. For my own personal reasons I'd like for him to come out least until I get him home. I'm not here to cause any trouble or leave any bodies in my wake, I just want to take him and leave. He's laying right now in the VIP bathroom, bleeding out as we speak. I fear that an associate of mine decided to not heed my orders and tried to take him out himself.

My brother being the ever present thorn in my side didn't die, he lived; though if you go check I'm going to say all his lifes blood is pooling on the floor as we speak." He shrugged as he looked up, a cold smile on his face. "Or if it would please you I will drag him out here and put a bullet between his eyes in front of you. Then you may do what you want with his body. He's of little consequence to me."


Kevin looked around scared, the lights and the announcement it was all too much and he looked down at Kane, watching in terror as the tiny inhales began slowing to just rattling gasps.

"Fuck, we don't have time for this Hunter."

He pushed himself to his feet and shoved Hunter out of the way, his hands bloodstained and his eyes wide. He seen Mark standing by the stage and he took a deep breath as he moved over and stood before Santana; bowing deeply to her.

"Mistress, Kane....he's dead. He's in the bathroom; he's bled out a from a wound he sustained a night ago." He voice stuttered a bit as he then righted himself, not bothering to look over at Mark.


The shouted words made him shudder but he refused to turn and look at Mark, he kept his eyes on Santana; hoping that his head wouldn't be the one to go rolling across the floor. The quiet was grating his nerves as they stood; a silent tableau in front of the made woman with a gun and he fought the urge to shift from foot to foot.

He heard a sound from the left but discarded it; what was happening around them was of little consequence, at least he thought so until he felt a hand groping his gun and a breathy, pleading voice accompanying the grasping motion. He then turned to see Kane standing, whiter than chalk with the gun pointed waveringly at Marks' head.

"M-Mistress, I-I-I told you I'd willingly give you my head..." Kane then looked up at Santana and tried to offer a smile but it waned as he tottered and about went to his knees.

What happened next was light watching a slow motion movie; Mark lunged at Kane snarling; taking the weakened man down easily. The brothers grappled around on the floor for a bit and then the sickening sound of a shot rang out and both men were still. Horror struck he couldn't move, all he could see was two unmoving bodies on the floor and for a moment he feared for the worst.

And then there was movement; Mark's heavy body was pushed over and weakly Kane pushed himself to his knees and crawled over to the stage, falling down onto his stomach in front of Santana.

"Mistress...I'm sorry, he-he wasn't supposed to be here...I never wanted him to be here..." He pushed himself to his hands and knees again, his head hung so that the hair parted on either side. "I said I would let you kill me..."

The whispered words spurred Kevin into movement and he stood in front of Kane, looking up at Santana imploringly.

"He fulfilled his words Mistress Santana; he took out his brother, he's no longer a threat. Surely you can let him live--" He looked back at the trembling man, "If he's going to live; he's already had so many attempts on his life; and he brought money- he appealed to the other, more edgier crowds. Surely you can see the value in keeping him around for a bit?"
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Shawn Michaels


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PostSubject: Re: Darkest Nights   Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:02 pm

Santana listened to Mark's words, her face impassive showing no signs of anything other than her cold nature. For Mark to have the audacity to think she would do as told was funny, especially since she was about six seconds way from pumping his body with lead. No one came into her club telling her what to do. No one, not even a crime boss like him.

But then she didn't have a chance to give the order. Kevin, the bodyguard she now deemed as pathetic, was standing before her possibly lying in hopes of getting Kane out of this alive. Noble on his part since she admired the bond shared between dancer and bodyguard, but it would not save them this time. She could not bend the rules for one person or else those who looked to her leadership would frown. She was next in line to become boss and she would not look like a woman of compassion. That didn't work in the mafia business.

Santana nodded towards her men who all raised their weapons, about to unleash on both Mark and Kevin when out of nowhere she heard a gun cock. There was Kane, bleeding from the neck but face determined as he stood facing down his brother. Her impassive face changed for the first time all night at the man looked towards her, speaking despite the fact that he was half dead anyway.

In the next instant Kane was on the ground. Santana's men cocked their guns but she waved them off, wanting to see for herself how the story would conclude and which brother would stand victorious. There was a loud gun shot and then sustained silence all over the club. The only sound came from Chris who had forced his way inside the club stopping short of the two bloody bodies in the floor.

"What the...?"

In the next moment, Mark's body was being pushed aside and Kane moved to kneel before his boss, humbly offering his head. Chris wasn't saying a word. In fact, he wasn't sticking around to see the outcome. He did not want to see a practically innocent man die at the hands of Santana so he slipped through the crowd and headed towards the back, slipping inside of Shawn's dressing room. Shawn was curled up on his bed looking up when Chris entered.

"Chris! What's...going on out there?" he asked.

"I think Santana's going to kill everybody but I'm not sure." He raced over to the bed, putting an arm around his friend.

Shawn leaned on Chris waiting for gun shots to echo through the club. "Ya know it's not fair. Life. It's not Kane's fault his brother's a nutjob and Hunter's so fucking greedy. If he gets killed it would serve him right."

"It would, but you don't want him to die because he cares for you in his own weird way. I think you can do better Shawn," he scolded. "So don't throw in the towel and get with him just yet."

Shawn nodded and just stayed close to Chris waiting, hoping and praying that everything would work itself out.


Santana stared between the two men, her own gun raised. Kevin deserved to die for being a royal fuck up, quite possibly for getting emotionally involved while Kane deserved to die for bringing problems with him; problems that put the entire family in danger.

Santana lowered her weapon as she spoke. "Noble were your intentions Kane but I can't let you stay here. Your actions, though often inadvertently, put the club at risk. Until you get your life together you are banned from this club. As for you Kevin, do what you want but you are hearby relieved of your duties and loyalties to this club. If I see either of you around, you will be killed on sight. Now get your things and get out. We might have something to talk about in a year's time." She hated to do it, especially since Kane seemed like a good, loyal man; obedient unlike most of the other workers, but to let them slide would put her at risk. The family was only as strong as its weakest link and Santana was not weak.

Tana looked up towards the VIP area where two of her men were dragging Hunter down the stairs towards her.

"Hey! Come on now! Santana, come on now. We've done work together--Ahh God!" A bullet sounded and one was put right in Hunter's chest just missing his heart by inches. The bullet went right through him and the shock sent Hunter sailing backwards. "Get the fuck out of my club. The rest of you, get back to fucking work," she said, cocking her gun and heading back to her office. She looked back at Kane one last time and then she was gone.
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Kevin Nash


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PostSubject: Re: Darkest Nights   Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:39 pm

Kevin let out a breath that he didn't know he'd held so long before dropping down and touching Kane's face. "Hey big guy....C'mon now." A fluttering of eyes was what he received and finally they opened; the cool blue unfocused and hazy as they moved around. "Nice to see you alive."

"That's what I am?"

The words were accompanied by a small smile and Kevin reached down and hauled Kane to his feet; wrapping an arm around Kane's waist putting Kane's arm around his neck. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that he and Kane had been given a pardon and he wasn't going to waste it.

Around them the sea of bodies parted and only once Kane stumbled as they made it down the steps and out into the parking lot. Gently he put Kane in the backseat and he crossed his arms as he looked at the large man.

"We're going to the hospital, and you're going to stay there this time."

There was no fight, just a nod and with a grim smile Kevin hurried them to the hospital, wondering if Kane was going to make it out of this with nothing more than a scar and what the future was going to hold for them.


Kane woke slowly, his eyes burning at the sheer whiteness of the room. He heard snoring and he turned his head slightly, wincing as the skin of his neck pulled with the movement. On a chair next to the bed sat Kevin, his head laying back on the back of the chair.

To his left a machine whirred and beeped and suddenly he felt sleepy again, and as he started to go under he reached over and grabbed at Kevin's hand, holding it lightly.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkest Nights   

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Darkest Nights
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