This's a slash/het/femslash mafia roleplaying site. Its for OCs (mostly with wrestlers as faces, plus canon names are allowed) whether they have an occupation in the mafia or not, such as prostitution, drugs, money, or anything else in the mafia business.
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 Casey's Family

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Casey Johnson


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PostSubject: Casey's Family   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:26 pm

Casey: Just so we're clear, this is only here so people can avoid half these people...

I'm not putting pictures of any parents here because 1) I don't have recent pictures of them 2) There's too many assassin's around here...

My mother's name is Charlotte, such a boring name. At least she was nice to me.

My dad's Anthony, also boring. He's a head of some business I don't care about. He suspected I was gay and ignored me just for that. Idiot.

I'm an only child, lucky me *sarcastic*. I had no one to talk to unless my cousins were over.

This is me, obviously. This picture shows how much fun I'm having doing this...

My aunty Morgan was pretty cool, nice mostly. She has a business making clothes, dresses mostly.

Uncle Julian...I never really paid attention to him much. I think he works with dad?

Ugh Seth and his big head... Unfortunately this guy is my cousin and the oldest of three siblings.
I hate this guy and wish I didn't ever have to talk to him again. He tried to drown me when we were younger.
And this picture looks like a probably is...

Seth's younger brother Jaime. More like a brother to me though. One of the only two of the lot that I still talk to. He's also a lawyer, he comes in handy when I'm in trouble.

Hailey Peyton. Youngest of the three siblings and the only other one besides Jaime I talk to. She was the lead singer in a band, until they split. Now because of SETH the poor girls stuck as a stripper, she's only 21...
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Casey's Family
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